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  • PP filter bag is made of polypropylene fiber filter cloth, PE, PP is a deep three-dimensional filter material, 100% pure fiber is made by needling,
    forming a three-dimensional, highly fluffy three-dimensional depth, circuitous filter layer.
    It is characterized by loose fiber structure, thus increasing the capacity of impurities; the product is a compound closure mode, which can effectively
    remove solid and soft particles, i.e. large particle impurities are trapped on the fiber surface.
    While the fine particles are caught in the deep layer of the filter material to ensure that they will not be damaged due to the increase of pressure
    during the use process and have high filtering efficiency; in addition, the outer layer of the product is heat treated by high temperature surface.
    That is to say, the application of instantaneous sintering technology / calendering treatment can effectively prevent the fiber from being lost due to
    the high-speed impact of the liquid during filtration, which not only ensures that there is no pollution of filtrate caused by fiber separation.
    At the same time, it can avoid the filter hole being too blocked and shorten the life of the filter bag caused by the traditional rolling treatment,
    and the pressure difference is small and does not affect the flow rate.

    liquid filter bag can have stainless steel ring, PP ring and PE plastic ring, including various bag bottom and bag top designs.

    The filtrate surface of the liquid filter bag is treated with special singeing, which not only effectively prevents the fiber from separating and contaminates the filtrate,
    but also avoids the traditional rolling treatment which causes the filter hole to be excessively blocked and shortens the service life of the filter bag.

    All raw materials are natural white, without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, which fully meet the environmental protection standards. Moreover,
    due to the three-dimensional filter layer of needle felt, when the liquid flows through the filter bag,

    Due to the deep filtration mechanism, particles will stay on the inner surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag, which has high collection efficiency for solid or colloidal particles.

    The uniform thickness, stable opening rate and sufficient strength of the needle felt make the efficiency of the filter bag stable and the use time longer.
    Five thread double needle sewing ensures the best filtration guarantee for each liquid filter bag.

    It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for liquid filtration in various industries.

    2 PP polypropylene fiber cotton filter bag size

    Material: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PE) ring mouth: stainless steel, galvanized, nylon, PP, PE

    Process: sewing, hot-melt welding accuracy: 1.0 ~ 300um

    Size: 1 x (φ 180 * 420mm) 2 x (φ 180 * 810mm)

    3 x (φ 105 * 230mm) 4 x (φ 105 * 380mm)

    5 x (φ 150 * 520mm) Y Series (φ 202 * 330mm) and other non-standard dimensions

    dedusting bag refers to the matching cloth bag in the bag type deduster, which is made of dedusting cloth. In the production process of thermal power generation,
    steel and cement industry, a large amount of dust will be generated, which will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere.

    Therefore, the state has set strict requirements for the atmospheric emission of such enterprises, and bag type dust removal is an ideal dust removal method widely used.
    The bag type dust removal (dust removal filter bag) is called the heart of bag type dust collector.

    It plays a very important role in dedusting effect. Two important aspects that determine the quality of the dust bag are the quality of the dust cloth (dust removal material),
    such as the high temperature resistance index, filtering accuracy and air permeability.

    On the other hand, the manufacturing process and quality of bags are also important factors, poor workmanship will lead to the occurrence of powder leakage.
    Dust bag mainly includes filter press bag, filter bag,

    Glass fiber high temperature filter cloth (bag); polyester filter cloth (bag); flumes needle felt filter cloth (bag); microporous membrane covered (PTFE) filter bag and
    other chemical fiber woven filter bags and nonwoven filter bags.