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  • Electroplated filter bag is made of non-woven fabric, through seam or hot-melt industry, which uses surface filtration principle to intercept and isolate particles larger than its own mesh.

    Electroplating filter bag can effectively solve the problem of impurities in electroplating solution and reduce the generation of bubbles and fine particles after plating.

    In the electroplating process, it will often contact with acid solution, which requires that the electroplating filter bag has good acid resistance.

    As far as the material of electroplated filter bag is concerned, PP (polypropylene) can meet the use requirements in acid solution

    Anode bag and titanium blue bag materials are divided into polyester cloth and polypropylene cloth, single-sided or double-sided brushed.
    The anode bag shall be made of acid resistant polyester cloth or polypropylene cloth.

    The density, thickness and pore size of anode bag have different effects on the convection and diffusion of anode particles, black film mud particles and copper ions.

    Although the double-layer anode bag can effectively prevent the anode mud from entering the bath solution, it is not conducive to the dissolution of the anode,
    and the bath voltage solution will increase, which will affect the binding force of the phosphorus film.

    Do not let the anode bag directly stick to the anode surface. Generally, after the anode is packed with a titanium basket, coat the anode bag for electroplating, and sew it.

    Anode bag, titanium blue bag and filter bag for electroplating should be the same.

    Its function is to filter the impurities in anode, and to make the metal ions separated from anode distribute more evenly when entering the plating solution.

    It is usually covered outside the anode titanium basket, so it is called titanium basket bag. Generally, it is made of non-woven fabric.
    Its shape is similar to that of titanium basket. It is a little larger than that of titanium basket.

    Sew 2-4 pieces of cloth rope on the opening so as to prevent it from slipping.

    Electroplate filter bag has standard specification, our company can also produce all kinds of non-standard products according to customers' requirements.

    Features of electroplate filter bag:

    1. Good sealing effect and no side leakage

    2. Good insulation and long service life

    3. Large effective filtering area and higher filtering efficiency

    4. Good corrosion resistance, high toughness and good elasticity