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  • What is the material of the cloth bag filter bag for sewage treatment?

    What are the types of filter bags for sewage treatment equipment?

    Nylon single wire mesh bag steel ring needle-punched felt thread seam filter bag plastic ring fully thermal welding filter bag oil absorption filter bag

    In order to select the correct filtration system, the maximum flow rate, viscosity and impurity content of the filtered media, as well as the operating
    pressure, temperature and particle size distribution of impurities should be known first.

    The chemical properties of the medium, the type and size of the piping, and then select the appropriate filter and filter bag. Specifically refer
    to the table below, select the matching filter bag and then (according to the bag filter product catalogue) select the filter.

    The multi-bag filter for sewage treatment can realize and optimize the multi-bag filter effect by installing a shell, a water pipe, a filter bag
    and a uniform filter belt, thus improving the use effect of the device.

    It is conducive to the long-term popularization of the device. By installing a pretreatment chamber and a coarse filter chamber, the
    device optimizes its own structure and enhances its practicability.

    The filter fence, clamp block and chute make the device easy to disassemble and assemble, thus enhancing the functionality of
    the device. By installing ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and sterilizing chamber, the device makes the device easy to disassemble and assemble.

    The device has the function of disinfection and sterilization, which enhances the practicability of the device and is conducive to its
    long-term popularization. At the same time, the device is equipped with an air pump, an adsorption tower and an activated carbon filter layer.

    The device makes it easy to deal with the irritating gases produced in the process of sewage treatment and realizes the advantages
    of environmental protection. The device is equipped with exhaust pipe, solenoid valve and exhaust gas detection device.

    The device makes it easy to detect the exhaust gas, thus ensuring the safety of the exhaust gas and improving the use effect of the device.
    The device is equipped with rollers and brake pads.

    The device makes it easy to move and brake, and enhances the function of the device. On the one hand, the device is easy to repair and
    clean by installing doors and observation windows.

    On the other hand, it is convenient for staff to observe the internal working condition of the device, thus enhancing the practicability of the device.

    The permeability of filter cloth is selected according to the requirement of filtration accuracy. Preliminary selection can be carried out with reference to
    technical parameters such as larger interception size provided by filter cloth suppliers.

    Although the filter cloth plays an important role in the initial filtering accuracy of the filter press, the higher the initial filtering accuracy is, the better it is.
    Considering that the filtering accuracy can meet the lower requirements, it is possible.

    Today we are going to talk about the quality of domestic filter cloth. Localization of filter cloth manufacturing has become a consensus in the industry.

    With the sustained development and huge foundation of domestic filter industry, China has become a new manufacturing center for many filter enterprises in the world.

    Nowadays, many internationally renowned filter cloth manufacturers have invested and built factories in China. Among these international textile filter cloth manufacturers,

    Many of them have been localized in China, and some have basically formed productive capacity.

    The liquid bag filter has high filtration accuracy. It can be applied to any micro-particles or suspended solids in the process of use.
    The filter range of the equipment can be from 0.5 to 200 microns.

    The treatment flow per unit filter area of the equipment is relatively large and the filtration resistance is small, so the whole
    filtration efficiency is high. The liquid bag filter is widely used and the equipment can be effective.

    For medium, coarse and fine filtration, compared with the filter element filter and plate and frame filter, it has the advantages
    of lower cost and longer service life when the same filtering effect is achieved.