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  • Can electrophoresis remove the oil filter bag for a long time and fail?

    Oil removal filter bags are used for a long time, which are mainly manifested in the fouling layer on the membrane surface or the blockage of the membrane pore

    First dry in the sun, clean up the electrophoretic paint residue inside, then soak it overnight with ultrafiltrate, and then wash it with ultrafiltrate.
    However, the filter bags washed in this way can not be used for long, the best way is to replace the new filter bags.

    Electrophoretic degreasing filter bags are used in electrophoretic paint coating line, pretreatment of wastewater discharge,
    recycling water for circuit board production, automobile production coating line, metal casting and protection filtration before ultrafiltration.

    filtration links such as oil removal by sprinkler water, the filter bag adopts double structure of inner and outer layers, which can achieve
    multiple filtering effect for filtrate, and the filter bag has the characteristics of high efficiency and high impurity capacity.

    Ultrafiltration treatment of oil removal filter bags has been used for a long time, and most of the objects separated by UF
    treatment are dissolved or colloidal organic substances with high molecular weight.

    When these substances are in contact with ultrafiltration membranes made of synthetic organic macromolecule materials,
    there will be strong adhesion between solutes and membrane materials.

    The tendency of adsorption and even combination leads to the formation of a fouling layer on the surface of the membrane,
    resulting in fouling of the membrane. Stainless steel folding filter element with its excellent characteristics in recent years

    More and more widely used in various production processes, the main filter materials are stainless steel fiber sintered felt,
    stainless steel sintered mesh or stainless steel braided mesh.

    The sealing surfaces of stainless steel folding filter element are joined by argon arc welding technology, and the filter
    layer is mostly made up of stainless steel folding filter element by multi-folding or flat winding technology.

    A complete structure, no leakage, no media shedding phenomenon. Nylon folding filter element, whose filter medium is
    hydrophilic nylon microporous membrane, uses nylon

    It is hot melted with polypropylene support and has no adhesives and fiber shedding. It is suitable for chemical and industrial
    industries with stricter requirements.

    Main characteristics: stable hydrophilic performance, strong flexibility, high rejection rate, excellent chemical tolerance, especially
    suitable for organic solvent filtration. Resistance to forward and reverse pressure shocks