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  • Brief introduction of chemical filter bag:

    1. The filter bag is mainly used for liquid filtration in the industrial industry. It can filter the particle impurities, surface suspending agent, catalyst, gelatin,
    active carbon, abrasive particles, etc. in the chemical liquid with the filtration accuracy of 1-25 μ.

    2. The filter bag can withstand various complex working conditions, such as strong acid and alkali, high viscosity, high temperature and high impurity content.
    The most suitable chemical filter bag for production can be selected only by providing real site working conditions.

    3. The opening of the ring is internally turned and tightly sealed by pressing plate, so there will be no side leakage. At the same time, the bag type of the filter bag
    adopts the hot-melt process, while the traditional suture process will have side leakage of 800-1200 μ m, which will not occur in the chemical filter bag.

    Characteristics of chemical filter bag:

    1. Compared with filter products, filter elements, filter presses and centrifuges need more filter elements because the flow of filter elements is lower than that of chemical filter bags.
    The cost of products, the cost of manual replacement and the cost of waste disposal are greatly increased.

    When the centrifuge is used, there is a great potential safety hazard. At the same time, the power of the centrifuge is very high, and the electric charge is also a large expense.
    Combined with the above, the filter bag can save cost.

    2. The filter bag adopts Eaton internal turning circle of international standard, and the bag body adopts all hot-melt process. It can ensure that there will be no side leakage when filtering,
    and the hot-melt process can also avoid the problem of side leakage at the joint during filtering.

    3. As a liquid filter bag applied in the chemical industry, the working conditions to be challenged are sometimes extreme, and PP PE chemical filter bag can well
    withstand the pH 1-14 acid-base range, CPS viscosity 70000, and temperature within 120 °.

    Multi bag filter can solve the problems of high impurity content and flow.

    Chemical filter bag application:

    1. Recovery of activated carbon: in the process of chemical production, we usually use activated carbon to absorb the odor and color in the liquid.
    In this process, activated carbon will be fully dissolved and dispersed in the liquid, which requires filter bags to filter the activated carbon in the liquid and filter it fully.

    2. Catalyst recovery: catalyst is widely used in the chemical industry as a kind of medicament. Sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry and electronic industry are all indispensable.
    Using catalyst to speed up the process will form a new suspension reaction with liquid.

    At this time, the filter bag is used to filter the suspended solids formed by catalyst reaction, and there are still catalysts that have not yet been reacted. PP, PE, NMO can effectively solve these impurities.

    3. Paint coating: filter bag is the most widely used filtering method in the production process of paint coating. Due to the special manufacturing process of paint, pigment, resin,
    tackifier and other products will be added inside. The filter bag can filter the gelatin of internal resin, grind pigment particles, store pollutants and so on.

    Technical parameters of chemical filter bag:

    1. Flow (theoretical value of pure water test): 20t / h, 40t / h, 6t / h, 12t / h

    2. Acid base range: ph1-14 (some materials, not all)

    3. Filter cloth material: PP, PE, NMO, PTFE

    4. Material of ring mouth: PP, PE, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, PTFE, pet high temperature ring

    5. Filter precision range: 0.1-500 μ M

    6. Filter bag size: 180mm * 810mm, 180mm * 430mm, 100mm * 230mm, 100mm * 380mm, 155mm * 560mm (non-standard products can be customized)

    7. Working temperature: PP < 95 ° PE < 120 ° NMO < 120 ° PEFE < 250 °

    8. Change the differential pressure: < 1.5bar

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