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  • From raw materials to finished products, flumes filter bag requires many processes, each process must be strictly checked.
    If there is a quality problem with the flumes filter bag, it will appear in the raw material, diameter, length, spring ring and sewing thread of the flumes filter bag.

      Precautions for flumes filter bag:
      1. The fracture of sewing thread is mainly caused by wear. There are obvious wear marks on the fracture surface. Sewing thread and flumes bag materials are also different,
    but they are unlikely to occur, and the fracture surface will be crushed or broken.
      2. When the rest of the flumes filter bag is folded, grasp the opening side of the flumes filter bag by hand, and then push the folded flumes filter bag into the sleeve to make it pass through the plate.

    After the folding part of the fluorous filter bag is opened under the flower plate, loosen the top of the fluorous filter bag, and then put the groove spring ring into the sleeve of the flower plate.
      3. The weight of the flumes filter bag is very light, and the metal ring pulls the sleeve away from the top of the flumes filter bag. Install the sleeve in the hole in the plate.
      4. The spring ring of the filter bag is related to the sealing bag and bearing of the filter bag. The rupture of the spring sheet mainly occurs in the storage of the flumes filter bag.
    The spring sheet is oxidized or the spring sheet is too hard and brittle.
    If the spring plate is soft, there is no problem unless it will affect the installation of the flumes filter bag. If it cannot be installed, it must be replaced by the supplier。
      5. If the flumes bag is too long, the bottom of the flumes bag will be worn, especially if the bottom of the flumes bag is less than 100mm.

    If the length of the flumes filter bag is more than 30mm longer than that of the flumes filter bag, the flumes filter bag will shrink too much. Well, wipe and put the bag on the bottom of the bag cage.
    Most signs of damage occur inside and outside, and are damaged in creases at the bottom of the bag.
    6. Hold the grooved spring ring with both hands (do not take off the flumes filter bag), and then press the spring ring into "C" shape with both hands. When holding the spring ring in the "C" shape,
    place the groove side of the groove spring ring on the edge of the plate.

    One hand has a "C" shaped spring ring with a ridge on one side, while the other hand has a "C" shaped spring ring on the other side, protruding on the side of the disk.

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    Fluorous filter bag sealing ring: plastic sealing ring sewing stainless steel plate or galvanized steel

    Filtering accuracy of flumes filter bag:5、10、25、50、80、100、150、200、250、300、400、600、800、1,000、1,250µm

    Main parameters of the filter bag specifications: